When you drink water without salt you dilute your body and flood your cells, pushing vital nutrients out of your body.

We tend to be very dehydrated nowadays but drinking plain water doesn’t help if we simply rob our body of what it needs.

The solution is to add a tiny pinch of iodised rock salt or Himalayan salt to your water, to balance the electrolytes in your body.

Adding the salt also has the beneficial impact of assisting the adrenals and thyroid, so the metabolism rises.

When cutting out processed foods we need to keep the water intake high to flush out the released toxins and lighten the burden that would be on your kidneys and liver as your body cleans things up and stop toxins and excess urea from building up.

Someone with a higher body mass needs more water theoretically.

Herbal teas DO count towards your daily intake (providing they are sugar and additive free). Juices DO NOT nor do any foods even if they have a high water content.

If you are an active individual, increased water intake helps to speed up the recovery and metabolic process (helping things “flow” more smoothly).

Bottled or Tap?

Both have their problems. Bottled has all the plastics in it and tap all the fluoride.

If you can, get a filter or a filter bottle and use tap water because why PAY money for water that’s not really any better than what you get from the tap?

It’s very ‘in’ to drink bottled water but the idea that it’s superior is a fallacy… unless it’s in glass, which makes it more expensive by the litre than petrol.

Top Tip: Buy a bottle and top it up yourself


Carbonated or Still?

It’s up to you. As a special little treat how about some chilled carbonated water with ice and a slice?



Remember - A lot of times when you think your hungry it’s really that you’re thirsty. When you get hungry in between meals try drinking a glass of water and waiting 20 minutes. This usually helps stave off the hunger!

Be sure to let me have your feedback and get drinking that water.

Vikki :)